Eye 4 esports is a Limited company, registered in the United Kingdom.


E4 was established in 2015 and is a professional competitive gaming organisation that serves to enable its playing staff to compete at the highest level in global eSports. We value dedication, loyalty and professionalism and look to combine our expertise with our passion for esports and gaming to create a successfully stable and profitable organisation. We are primarily based in the United Kingdom and strive to continue our growth within Europe, whilst developing an honest and valued reputation within the competitive gaming industry.

What is esports?


A local scene where the paradigm of gaming is shifted from hobby to a lifestyle, and the standard for esports events and competition are at a world-class level.


To bring esports to the masses by creating a lifestyle brand that unites the gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals under one banner.

Corporate Opportunity

Partnerships, affiliation and business association with the corporate sector has always been one of E4's main objectives when aiming to grow from strength to strength. Eye 4 esports has succesfuly partnered with some major names within the gaming and social industry and plan on expanding bigger and stronger in the future. 

Interested parties and potential partners are always welcome to contact the organisation in order to request any marketing material that may be of help to you. Eye 4 eSports is always open to new ideas, business opportunities and marketing ventures. So if you are interested, please email us at contact@eye4esports.com

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Contact: contact@eye4esports.com

Company Name: Eye 4 esports Ltd 

Company Number: 09993036


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