EGL Open Blackpool Recap

Thu 29th Oct 2015 - 1:28pm Gaming


As you all know this past weekend saw the return of EGL to the competitive Call of Duty gaming scene and with it a return to the famous Norbreck Hotel, Blackpool. With Black Ops 3 just around the corner, teams competitng strived to fisnish top at Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's last competitive LAN.

Going into the event, E4 looked good online with regular practice and competitive scrims against familiar contenders. Due to our previous performance at recent LAN's. We held the 9'th seed resulting in a bye in WB Round 1.

Eye 4 eSports moved on to play True Ambiton in Round 2 and started strong against the Ambition side, winning the Hardpoint with over a 100 points. E4 then went on to win the series with an easy 3-0 on map counts. Playing particlaur well in their Search and Destroy.

E4 then moved on to play Barrage Youth on mainstage in Round 3 who have proved to be a very dominant roster online and previous events. Game 1 on Retreat Hardpoint saw an evenly matched game with Barrage clutching up to win by just 2 points. The first game certainly set the pace for the two squads who battled it out to a Game 5, Riot SnD. Barrage was the first team to come out on top as they took an early lead 2-0 in Game 5. However it was Eye 4 eSports who won 6 rounds in a row with a superb Search and Destroy display, to close out the series 3-2.

On Championship Sunday Eye 4 eSports, played Team Infused on mainstage and with what seemed like a very one sided game one to Team Infused. E4 managed to take the next map of the numer 1 seeded side however it was Infused who closed out the series 3-1.

As E4 dropped down to the losers bracket after a dissapointing loss to Team Infused. They faced off against Riot Gaming in their next round at the EGL Open. With the rivalry between these two squads had the potiental of a very intense series. However it was Eye 4 eSports who came out clutch taking the series    3-1 knocking Riot Gaming out of the tournament.

Eye 4 eSports then moved on to play Excel, who are considered to be one of European's strongest upcoming organisation at this time of competitive eSports. However it was E4 clutching up in Game 1 Hardpoint to win by a miraculous 2 points. E4 then went on to win the Search and Destroy and went up 2-0 in the Series. Unfortunately the E4 boys couldn't pull through with the victory in Maps 3 and 4 resulting in a Game 5 between the two sides. With both teams trading rounds it came down to a Round 11. Excel clutched up tp take the series 3-2 and with an unfortunate and dissapointing loss left Eye 4 eSports finishing in 7/8th place at the EGL Open Blackpool 2015.

After an awesome weekend of eSports action we’d once again like to thank LewTee, Motions, Fortune and Denz for representing us and themselves as always in a professional manner and also a huge thank you to EGL for hosting such an well organised and successful event.

With that being said, E4 are heading into Black Ops 3 and we are excited to what the future entails for Eye 4 eSports.

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