Eye 4 eSports sign new Gears of War roster

Sun 27th Mar 2016 - 12:33pm Gaming

The team formerly represented under Vivify eSports have recently asserted their dominance competing in online tournaments. After taking 1st place in the ESL Open Series Cup #1 this weekend, they look to continue on from this success and become Europe's best Gears of War team.

The roster consists of:

  • Kieron 'Breaker' Oakley
  • Charlie 'Brutalize' Badham
  • Thomas 'Precision' Pryor
  • Kaleb 'Demonic' Crook

After signing for Eye 4 eSports, Kieron 'Breaker' Oakley had this to say:

I'd firstly like to thank Alex and Eye 4 eSports for this amazing opportunity to represent E4 for all online tournaments and future events. We are looking to continue on from our recent sucesss and give E4 a great name in the Gears of War community and the forseeable future.

The new E4.GoW team will be competing at their first LAN event under Eye 4 eSports at Am2Pro 4 Blackpool this March.


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