Eye 4 eSports partner with Supporterly

Fri 29th Apr 2016 - 8:53pm General

This week we are delighted to announce our partnership with eSports focussed crowdfunding website, Supporterly.  Supporterly is a Fan Funding site that lets people directly help fund projects for eSports organisations, content creators, and players. In conjunction with our partnership we have also collaborated with the Supporterly team to launch our first crowdfunding hub. This is an exciting venture that we have been considering through alternative platforms for a while and as soon as Supporterly got in touch and showed us their ideas for supporting the wider eSports industry, we were delighted to be able to participate in their launch campaign. Over the next six months, we are researching growth opportunities by branching into additional eSports titles and would love YOUR support to help us along this path. Our fans and supporters have always been an integral part of E4's success and what better way to show your support!

Chief Executive Officer, Alex Todd had this to say:

“I’m a great believer in entrepreneurial ventures that have clearly aligning goals making an effort to help and support each other. This joint venture with Supporterly is a superb example of that and I’m an advocate of their ambitions within the eSports industry and feel that the “hub” we have created will give fans an opportunity to directly support Eye 4 eSports, its staff and our players.”



E4 Admin

E4 Admin

E4 Admin

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