E4 GoW Squad's Perfect GFL Qualifier Run

Sun 22nd May 2016 - 8:30pm General

The Eye 4 eSports Gears of War squad achieved first place in the GFL Qualification Tournament this past week, and this run was nothing short of brutal and flawless. 2-0 vs. DDDT Starting off with the first match on Clocktower against DDDT, Vicious sets the tempo of the squad's fantastic run with two instant headshots onto LoNeWillS and BossSlayZ. First round ends with Brutalize and Precision taking down Spiderz and GoldDG respectively. Map 1 ends with a staggering 4-1 victory with Vicious leading the scoreboard with 7 kills and the whole squad dropping only 1 death each. The second map on Gridlock starts off much slower than Clocktower, but it Precision to start the round with a pick onto GoldDG which is immediately responded with a nice long-shot from Spiderz. He doesn't relent there and finds another kill shortly onto Vicious. With Spiderz starting off hot, it looked pretty grim in the first round for our boys in gold, but both Precision and Breaker clutch out the 2v3 with a quick kill onto BossSlayZ and winning both their 1v1's on other sides of the map. While the second map went on to be much closer round-for-round than the previous one, the boys clutch it out when it counts and destroys DDDT with a 4-0 wipe on Gridlock. Semi-finals: 2-0 vs. Team Strength While our boys in gold demonstrated their dominance vs. DDDT, Team Strength had also shown a surprising amount of skill vs. exceL and taking them down prior to this match. Unfazed with Strength's form, Brutalize takes the opening kill on War Machine. With both teams taking aggressive positions at middle, the first round starts as a massacre, only to have it end with Precision finishing off three of Strength's members. The ensuing rounds end up being a complete bloodbath with kills being thrown left and right, but Precision constantly stood as the victor. However, Strength immediately finds a kill onto Precision in the beginning of the 4th round . With Strength at a 2 man advantage, it looked guaranteed that the map would go at least 2-2. Maybe if it was any other duo that might have been true, but Breaker and Brutalize decided that it wasn't fun letting Precision kill everyone. The 2v4 starts with the Captain of E4 finding a kill onto Goldie. With the kill initiated by Breaker, Brutalize lives up to his tag and decimates the remaining three Locusts in mere moments for E4's 3rd map point. Off the momentum of that heroic play, the boys take a quick 4-1 win and move onto Gridlock. With individual superiority fueling the squad, the moment was in E4's court. The game slows down to a point where round 3 ends in a very close draw with some nice moves from Strength's Dtank. Immediately after the draw round, E4 tears through with a no-death round. Fighting tooth and nail until the end, E4 comes out on top with a very deceptive 4-2 scoreline. Grand Finals: 3-0 vs. Barrage The Grand Finals start off with a mosh-pit in the garage with E4 starting with the first round win. Barrage respond with a follow-up round, but would be only round they would get for the rest of Fuel Depot. With superior map-positioning, aggression and boom-shot control, Fuel Depot becomes a playground thrashing. Throughout the campaign, Barrage's new-blood Ronny displayed a level of comfort and firepower to the squad, but Vicious' one man campaign in the middle rounds proved too much for Barrage Dyl and crew. After a short tea break, E4 and Barrage head into Mansion for map 2. Brutalize starts with a very confident solo push inside getting punished quite well with Barrage. It might've started off well for Barrage in the initial round considering the man advantage, but Precision and Vicious quickly deal with all four players almost immediately and continue their previous tea break. Now with their confidence at maximum and Barrage on slight tilt, the next round ends up depicting the series as a whole: Barrage and E4 duke it out and it ends with a close 2v2 that came from two amazing flanks happening simultaneously. However, from either mid-battle chaos or unfortunate misfiring, Barrage's Combo teamkills Ronny and effectively gives E4 a critical round mentally. Following that tragic round and another bloody mosh-pit victory, E4 end up clean sweeping Mansion 4-0 Map 3 returns to Clocktower, the first map kicking-off the the E4 squad's GFL campaign. Now with a two map advantage and a seemingly mental advantage following both unfortunate rounds from Barrage as well as E4's indomitable confidence, the third map looked and started off very favorable off of an insane one-man push through sniper alley from Precision and some janitorial duties from both Brutalize and Precision. Unrelenting, Breaker downs 3 men in the following round with Brutalize providing some more clean sweeping. Barrage do end up finding a single round after heading into the E4 grinder, but all the pushing seemed to have activated some demons inside the Breaker and crew. Brutalize goes for an insane one-man flank, but could only find one kill and E4 finally slows in momentum. Round 5 ends with a brilliant clutch from Barrage's Dyl to save his team from losing the match, but it proved not enough. While the round 6 ends up being a slower round following Dyl's clutch, Brutalize's kamikaze-like pushes finds Barrage at a loss with the rest of the golden, wrecking crew providing some A-class clean sweeping. They close out the qualifiers without dropping a single map. Following the perfect run, E4's Captain Breaker had this to say about his team's performance in the event: “We're happy not with only qualifying for the GFL, but also happy with how convincingly we've won the qualifier. We looked very solid and I cannot wait to compete further in the GFL and for the Gfinity event in July. We hope to display the same dominant performance from Wednesday in the upcoming events.” With that, congrats to our boys, E4 Breaker E4 Brutalize E4 Precision E4 Vicious And keep bleeding Gold.

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