Eye 4 esports acquire Stimulate European Gears of War Roster

Wed 20th Dec 2017 - 10:49am General

We are incredibly excited to announce our new European Gears of War roster who will be competing under E4 throughout the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2.

Introducing E4 Gears of War

  • Wales on Google Android 8.1 Kieron ‘Breaker’ Oakley (Captain)
  • Wales on Google Android 8.1 Kaleb ‘Demonic’ Crook
  • England on Google Android 8.1 Daniel ‘Notorious’ Hogg
  • England on Google Android 8.1 Shane ‘Mush’ Easton
  • Ireland on Google Android 8.1 Ross ‘Warrior’ Wade


After a long hiatus in one of the world’s biggest console titles. E4 are delighted to announce our Official revival to the Gears of War industry. With this roster also comes the welcome return of Breaker, Demonic and Vicious to the E4 Brand. Their previous representation under Eye 4 esports saw great success and we are more than certain, this line-up will exceed all expectations.

We will be competing in the Gears Pro Circuit event hosted in Mexico City between January 26th-28th

As always we will keep you updated on the progress of the new team. In the meantime, you can follow and interact with the players on Twitter.


E4 Admin

E4 Admin

E4 Admin

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