Flat Belly Fix

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 12:07pm
    These are normally souls that belong to the same soul group as we do, those we have joined Flat Belly Fix Reviewto fulfill some physical goal with not only them but others as well. Souls are always connecting and reconnecting, lifetime after lifetime, we meet many soul mates each earthly existence. Most come and go when the need or desire arises, only to fade off into the sunset once that need passes, some hang on for an entire lifetime always ready to assist us. The minute that you make the contact, the spark ignites, but it is more than just what humans know love to be. It's more profound and is much more on the spiritual level, it is something that can't be explained in human terms. Some people mistake that soul connection with a notion of what they believe love is because they want to be in love; with what their perception is, their understanding of love is, what their desire is. But that is not the true connection., but it is a step in the right direction. Only souls who are highly evolved through numerous incarnations can totally comprehend the true connection, but the connections made in the mean time can be just as fulfilling and gratifying. We confuse those connections with the true connection because we have never experienced anything more gratifying on the physical level and thus the relationship seems perfect. Cherish those connections, they are the souls you need to be with at this particular time, they are fulfilling your needs, and you theirs, enjoy the bliss. When the time comes you will move on to the next level of evolving into a higher consciousness individual and meet more evolved souls until the final destination is reached. We aren't here for a long time, just a short time but each time and life is important, one life is never more important than another, regardless of your station in life. Sometimes we evolve more by being a lowly servant than a high profile leader.

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