How To Update Canon Printer Drivers?

  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 1:49pm
    Get the Best solution: Online Canon Printer Technical Support With the accurate workload of a machine, sometimes the printer gets decay its efficiency. Canon Printer Technical Support troubleshoots the problem giving the service to the customers. Our tech experts will give the best guidance and provide the best solutions to their customers. The problems are taken care off with full efficiency to provide support to the customers at any hour of the day. People choose Canon Printers because it provides the best services at the best time. The Canon printer support is fully occupied with the trained support experts. It checks & fixes all technical errors and delivers the best results according to the customer’s convenience. While Canon recommends some generic fixes like powering the printer on/off resetting the print spooler, we found some more robust fixes that involve working with the printer heads. Follow the steps below to update canon printer drivers: 1. First, uninstall and reinstall it manually. You can download the Canon printer drivers from its official site CANON INC. Make sure you are downloading the right one for your printer model. Select it carefully from the list of printer drivers on the Canon website. 2. Open the Run dialog box and type msc in it, and press Enter. 3. Navigate throughout the list of hardware in the Device Manager, If needed open the Print queues sub-menu, right-click on printer hardware and select Update driver from the pop-up menu. 4. After that, Windows will prompt you a question, “How do you want to search for drivers?” Select Browse my computer for driver software and hit proceed. 5. Please select the downloaded driver with the browse option when it pops up and updates the driver accordingly. 6. Restart your system and verify if the issue gets fixed. Note: If you cannot update any of your Canon printer drivers manually, then you can choose Search automatically for updated driver software. Selecting this option will make the OS search the internet automatically and choose the best printer driver for your device. Why Online Canon Printer Support? Hope your Problem is fixed in case you need support, give a phone call in the customer helpline to seek help from our technical experts for any issue. Once you give a call, the expert technicians will get in touch with you to figure out the actual problems. Further, they will guide you on the ways to fix the issue over the phone. You will also be instructed properly with necessary steps which will provide you better solutions to solve your canon printer problems. For solution dial our toll-free number to get instant assistance to troubleshoot your problem. Our expert team of Canon printer phone support will always be available to guide you.
    Jack Daneel
  • Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 2:46pm
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