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  • Sat 16th Mar 2019 - 8:18am
    I've been experimenting with social networking and I'm really excited about it. However, using banner ads in social networking sites does little more than help brand recognition. It's a different paradigm altogether and trying to use a search engine marketing strategy in the social media world is like comparing apples to oranges. To really compete, you have to understand what's really happening there.People are socializing, getting to know each other, networking, and using personal references to help each other solve problems. It starts with idle chit-chat and moves onto advice giving. It's during the advice-giving phase that the opportunity to suggest a product or service really presents itself. If you spring in with the sales pitch too early, they run away or mark you as a spammer and the word will quickly spread, blacklisting you forever (or until you create a new account). One of the newest strategies in Internet Marketing is "commercial blogging," a method that creates buzz for companies with national or international interests. They use a vast network of entrenched professional bloggers to drop in snippets of sales pitches that appear like natural conversations into blogs and conversations in an attempt to create buzz around a product/service and drive traffic to a website or landing page. This, I believe, is a much better approach than simply posting banners or using Google AdSense in the blogosphere.I'm going to give this a try, I think, and see how it goes. As the results come in, I'll be sure to write about them.By the way, since December I've been blogging on my site and posting snippets of the blog on social networking sites. On the day of the post, I can count on well over200 visits to my site. Google is also referring more natural search traffic. Using social media channels is a quick way to get your blog indexed by search engines--sometimes within a few hours. Search engines love the fresh new content and will reward those who take the time to do it. The average person living in a metropolitan area is exposed to more than 3500 marketing messages every day. That translates to 24,500 messages each week and about 1.2 million marketing messages every year.Online marketing is even more challenging. Studies have shown that it takes at least nine impressions, usually more, for your business to be remembered by a potential customer. This means that regular or consistent follow-up is an absolute must. Without utilising automation this task is nearly impossible. Even if one were able to manually handle all the follow up, what time is left for developing your business, attracting new clients and the profits that result from these practices?The answer is none or next to none and after spending your entire day following up with existing customers how much energy and creativity do you really have left to devote to the other aspects of your business? The competitive nature of today's market and particularly the internet market, means that automation is not a luxury but a necessity for keeping a competitive edge. As a business owner, you cannot afford to ignore or overlook the benefits of automation. What do capturing new leads, building customer trust and confidence with sequential responses, digitally delivering products, tracking prospects as well as current customers all have in common? These can all be done using automation techniques.One of the most essential elements in automation is List Building. In fact, if your business is not involved in list building you might as well close your doors and shut down the whole operation. A business' list is critical and is its most valuable asset.Automation means leverage. Without automation you are not effectively managing your time. Automation frees you up from time consuming activities or paying someone or hiring a service to do these tasks for you and giving you then the freedom to engage in activities to expand and grow your business.

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