Values Based Success - Why Is That Important?

  • Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 6:17am
    Albert Einstein, the physicist who developed, The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Theory of Relativity, took a daily walk. He lived in the present moment. He focused intensely on a task at hand. Apple Computer inventor, Steve Jobs looked in the mirror every day and asked the same question to himself: "If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today? If the answer was no, he would change his intention for the day. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the electric motor and laser, walked up to eight to ten miles per day, he avoided acidic foods, and he used a technique of creative visualization called a mind box, in which he could fully design and manipulate a thought version of his invention to completion prior to him building it. A daily routine is important as a catalyst, which leads to tasks of productivity and creativity. Your natural rhythm decides the order which works best for you and there is no right or wrong. Instead of thinking about what to do next put it into your daily schedule. Gary Keller who founded Keller Williams Realty stated, "If it's not in your schedule it doesn't exist." Consistent daily tasks are accumulative. Stephen King, has written 55 books, and several short stories, by consistently writing two thousand words per day. Nikola Tesla's many amazing inventions are still impacting the world. As a yoga teacher for the past twenty years, I have a daily routine to stretch each morning for ten minutes, and then before I go to sleep I do another ten minutes. Every night before I get into bed, I wash my feet, because I believe that a cleanse discharges any accumulation of negative energy. Along with that habit, I wash under my finger nails and toe nails which I feel has kept me healthy and free of germs. As a real estate sales person, I know that every day I have to lead generate to bring in the income that I want. So I consistently research owners, and businesses to find good phone numbers. I make daily calls, I walk and talk to potential owners, and sellers. I practice my presentations, so that I'm ready. Each day, I make time, to meditate and visualize what I want as results. I also practice, in my mind how it will feel when I complete the task, and feel the reward when it's done. (The winning of a prize, earn a commission, find a really tough phone number, do a masterful presentation and get a listing.)

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