Warning - Following a Low GI Diet Can Seriously Improve Your Health

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 5:43am
    Over the years many fad diets have come and gone, most of them having short-lived results or detrimental effects on general health. Cardio Clear 7There is one diet however, that has stood the test of time and is a sensible eating program that not only helps you to lose weight but also has many major health benefits. This is the Low GI diet.GI stands for Glycemic Index and in simple terms, is a measure of food in your blood sugar. Foods with a high GI index (such as white breads, sweets, chips etc.) are converted quickly into glucose and foods with a low GI index (such as breads with grains, nuts and seeds, vegetables and fruit) are converted slowly. If high levels of glucose enter the bloodstream the body panics and therefore releases too much insulin which can lead to weight gain. If this happens too often the cells that normally respond to glucose become resistant to its signals and can lead to many health problems.There are many benefits to be gained by following a Low GI diet, some of which are listed here.Healthy heart. According to research, women who eat lots of refined carbohydrates have 10% less good cholesterol, which keeps the heart healthy, in their bloodstream than those on a low GI diet. Also it is found that they have 76% more triglycerides, a particularly toxic form of fat. Also women who switched just one serving of refined carbohydrates to whole grains each day cut their risk of stroke by 40%.Increased Fertility.Imbalances in blood sugar can reduce the body's ability to handle progesterone, the hormone that is vital for a successful pregnancy.

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