Building Strong Relationships and an Online Reputation to Be Proud Of

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 8:21am
    This is why you should watch your ad's click through rate on a regular basis. Determine the Smarketo Review click through rate of your ad. When you start to see the performance dwindle switch your ad or change your target group. Truthfully every ad has a lifespan and after this lifespan they are not effective. So to get more from this life span and get more out of your ads and lower your budget this particular step is very important. The next piece of advice will require that you give us some due and listen to our experience. When making any ads for the images of any people in your ads; you will want to have highly unattractive people in them or extremely beautiful people. This works simply because people respond to anything that invokes strong emotions. However in order to get the greatest response the faces in your images must not be the least bit fuzzy or out of focus. All you're trying to do in addition to the emotional responses is to stop people in their tracks when they see your ad. This approach fits in well with use on Facebook because users are conditioned to looking at faces of people. Right? Right. When you're using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your fan page make sure you're sending to the custom tab rather than your wall. No one has control over wall content for obvious reasons if you know anything about Facebook. You know what appears on the custom tab where you can pass on a strong sales message or ask them to take action by liking your page. Wall comments can get pretty dicey as you well know and that's the problem with sending your fans to your wall. It has long been shown even in a short period of time that when people land first on your wall the conversion rate is lower. So it's easy... send people you want to do business with to your custom tab and not the wall.

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