A few final words on isolation training.

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 1:02pm
    Follow the same process if you want to get back on your bike. Begin by riding leisurely for 20 to 30 minutes. Just being out is often enough to make you want more. I began lifting weights to improve my upper body strength due to a car accident in which I was driven off the road injuring my neck and shoulder. I had always disliked lifting weights and for the most part avoided it. But after the accident it was suggested that I do this. I've come to enjoy it and found it's a huge advantage in my running, biking and food intake, especially sweets. This is because lifting really cranks up the metabolism and burns those calories throughout the day. Again, if you want to lift weights, don't let your mind beat you. Start out with light weights. You will be able to quickly build on this. In lifting, technique is important so go slowly and avoid jerky motions. On days when you were planning to lift a lot and you lack that drive or desire, go with a light work out that day. Don't let your mind beat you. In getting active and starting a workout routine your mind is your worst enemy. Your mind will always say "slow down, this is going to hurt. You don't have to do this." Override that voice in your head. Do this, and you are on your way.

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