Plantar Fasciitis and Running Tips

  • Mon 12th Mar 2018 - 5:31am
    Walking on hard surfaces. Many people underestimate the impact of how everyday activities take a toll on our feet. Standing for hours on end really does a number on your feet. If your home is equipped with hardwood floors Fungus Crusher Kitor your feet regularly come in contact with other hard surfaces, such as concrete, chances are that your feet and heels are paying the price. Carrying extra weight. Being overweight is one of the primary causes of dry, cracked feet. When an individual is grossly overweight, the amount of pressure that is placed on the fat pad of the foot increases exponentially. The pressure causes the pad to "spread sideways." If your skin is not supple or flexible, the skin of the foot becomes dry and cracked. And yes, dropping quite a few pounds can help long-term to restore your tootsies back to optimal health.Wearing open toed shoes. In a similar manner, open toed shoes can also cause similar problems. The fat of the pad is also forced sideways, which can increase the likelihood of the skin cracking. Additionally, in this position, the stretched skin is more susceptible to pick up dirt, which increases its chances of drying out. When the skin of one's feet becomes dry or cracked, then it becomes much more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. Medical conditions. Other causes of dry, cracked feet can include skin conditions and medical conditions. For example, eczema or psoriasis are well known for causing dry and flaky skin. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, can predispose a person to have dry skin. In particular, those who have diabetes tend to sweat less. The reduction in sweat causes the skin to become much drier. Taking preventive measures means everything to reversing the condition of hard, dry, and cracking feet. Before taking any action make sure that an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, isn't causing this problem. If it is, there's an entire industry around diabetic foot care that you should be introduced to.

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