The Fat Facts: Trans-Fat Focus

  • Mon 12th Mar 2018 - 5:39am
    ·Large amounts of fibre create a feeling of satiation, thereby preventing obesity, constipation and reducing the likelihood of varicose veins and hemorrhoids developing. Sufficient amounts of fibre in food GRS Ultra prevent the concentration of blood glucose from increasing after meals. That is important for diabetics. High-fibre food also reduces strain on the pancreas. Development of intestinal cancer is affected by many factors. These factors include the amounts and types of fat in food, a small share of fibre in the diet etc.. This is proven by the fact - which is confirmed by epidemiological studies - that people who consume sufficient amounts of fibre are less likely to suffer from intestinal cancer. Fibre contributes to this by diluting mutagens and carcinogens and by making them flow out of the bowel more quickly. As the digested food passes faster through the bowels, the development of toxic substances is reduced and bile acids and cholesterol get out of the body more quickly. ·Moreover, soluble fibre absorbs lots of liquid, creating gel-like structures. It helps to reduce the level of fat in blood, as it takes away fat and cholesterol, which get out of the body along with stool.

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