High Cholesterol - Some Common Symptoms

  • Mon 12th Mar 2018 - 8:58am
    Otherwise, hard constipated stools indicate your body is too dry or tense. You may not be eating enough lubricating fats or are sensitive to drying food like potatoes, granola and apples. Try cooking with more butter (or ghee)Gaia's Protocol and coconut oil. Do a daily oil massage before taking your shower. Eat juicy fruit and soak dried fruit to reconstitute it.Vice versa, runny or loose stools may mean you are actually eating too much cleansing fruits and raw vegetables and not enough protein and starches. Many raw food gurus teach that the "liquid plumbing" effect is good for you. Maybe for a short cleanse but over the long run you'll probably find it depletes you of nutrients, electrolytes and energy.So as you experiment with lifestyle choices... "listen" to your colon. If you're doing something that works for your particular constitution then the proof will be in the pooh. In Oriental medicine, a well balanced diet is comprised of roughly 20% of each of the following five tastes (or flavors): sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty. The typical American diet tends to be improperly weighted with too many salty and sweet tastes. You might ask: why does this matter? Oriental medicine, also known as Chinese medicine, is a health system based on achieving balance, moderation and harmony in all aspects of a person's well-being. Culturally, we tend to underestimate and de-emphasize our food choices as a vital component in preservation of health. Chinese medicine wholeheartedly integrates food and dietary principles to restore and maintain health.

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