The Number One Rule of Natural Vision Improvement

  • Wed 12th Jun 2019 - 9:48am
    Truth to be told, few people who attempted natural vision Lutenol Review improvement saw any kind of improvement to their eyesight. This is despite the hours the spent to do the various eye exercises. Why Because they break the number one rule of improving eyesight. That rule is this: never ever place strain on your eyes! I will not be going into detail here in this article, but strain in responsible for vision deterioration. By continuously placing strain on your eyes while doing eye exercises is equivalent to mopping the floor with your son running around in dirty shoes!It is thus important that you look for any sources of strain and eliminate them. Here are a few suggestions: Do you often squint to see something far away If so, stop doing it. When you squint, you're placing strain on your eyes and worsening it. Do you keep your eyes open even when it's tired By forcing it open, you're again placing unnecessary strain on it. Do you wear glasses all the time Wearing your glasses causes your eyes to adapt to the strain it was exposed to. If your eyes ever try to release strain, it wouldn't be able to see. So it keeps it in. As you can see, most of us engage in strain-inducing activities day in and day out. When strain is constantly present, it becomes chronic. Much like the strain you experience when your back aches. You can use your palm for having eye exercises. This exercise is called palming. Palming is a popular eye exercise for avoiding eye stress as well as mind stress. This exercise just takes a few minutes. First of all, try to sit and relax. Then lean forward on a desk and put your elbows on your knees. Close your eyes and cover them with the palms. Try to relax and release pressure on the eye balls. Put your fingers on your forehead. The heel of your hand should be on your cheekbone.

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