Do Not Carry On The Sabbath

  • Wed 12th Jun 2019 - 9:56am
    Sending positive energy and light to counteract the dark is a surprisingly simple,Manifestation Magic Review yet effective global activity. This can be done individually or in a group. Consistency and a few minutes each day are the only requirements. Another necessity around the globe is to help the disenfranchised youth targeted by terrorists who prey on their frustrations and lack of work or viable future. Too many of our young adults worldwide, including in the US, are frustrated and hopeless, susceptible to a message of success, even if that reward involves killing or their own death. Displaced people need help. As a result of the violence in countries such as Syria and Iraq, refugees seek relief and a more peaceful life. Their attempts to integrate into societies where a new future awaits, whether in the US or European countries, pose monumental problems for nations whose space, security and resources are now compromised and limited. The killings must stop, the fleeing of the refugees must cease. Sending energy and light is not our only spiritual responsibility, however. Taking action by entering the political arena and electing appropriate leaders who can choose the right military action will counteract the terrorists. While our spirituality would prefer us to be pacifists, there comes a time when that response is no longer appropriate. That time is now. The US currently faces an election that can help turn the tide in this war. We can choose Hillary Clinton, the right person at the right time. No other candidate offers the extensive experience with the in-depth acquaintance of the issues. No other candidate has the same practical, international and defense knowledge and has negotiated with other leaders, all necessary for any resolution. We must counter the darkness with light. We must also balance the masculine and feminine in our country, keeping a necessary stability amidst increased violence. Clinton brings in a feminine energy missing in some past leaders, the right skills at the right time. This is not electing her because she is a woman but electing her because she offers the best experience and balance. We need decisive and measured reactions appropriate to any threat. Clinton has proven she combines those energies.

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