Is He a Keeper Or Player? 3 Signs to Look Out For

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 7:31am
    Before you sense that his attention is starting to drift ever His Secret Obsession slowly away, try these simple pieces of adviceGive him some time to breatheDo not suffocate him by tailing him all the time. As the relationship moves forward, give him his private time where he can do things with his friends. Closeness does not mean that you have to occupy all of the slots in his schedule.Show your affection through words and action Don't fail to tell him that you value him everyday also, show your love through affectionate deeds. These verbal and non-verbal affirmations of your love would both score you high points when you're aiming to keep your man's interest.Allow him to slowly unveil the mystery with each date Hold back some things about yourself and allow him to uncover these one at a time. This way, he's got something to unravel and look forward to with each new day. Get yourself a hobby or join a group that's been established for a good cause. This is so you can have something to get busy with when you're not together. A moment away from each other gives you time to evaluate your relationship and miss each other's presenceMake him compete for your attention.. Don't let him take you for granted by making yourself too available for him. Let him know that you have diverse activities and many interesting hobbies. As he begins to see this variety in you, he will be subconsciously drawn and this, of course, is what you want Don't hesitate to tell him your opinion even if it contradicts his opinion. It will give him the idea that you stand up for what you believe in and it also displays your confidence. Confidence scores high on any man's preference table.If you give him a time off, give him also the trust and liberty to do the things he likes. Don't bug him with all those text messages or phone calls just so you could check on him.

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