Fix Your Job

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 7:42am
    What if your daily life habits were actually secret clues that held the key to <a href="; Yantra Manifestation &lt;/a&gt; reconstructing your work-life or business to make it fit you? How would it change your happiness meter if you looked forward to going to work every day? I had a client who began to notice that he dreaded going to work. This was perplexing to him because he generally enjoyed his job. His energy and enthusiasm were dwindling and he was ruminating about quitting even though he knew he needed to keep working. He tried several changes to reverse his downward slide. For example, during the morning commute he switched from listening to news to singing along with his favorite tunes, he tried changing his exercise routine, even driving a different route to work to shake things up. No luck. Walking up to his office building every day was beginning to resemble walking the plank. As I listened to him describe his job, it was clear that he did not dislike what he was doing. We decided that rather than developing more surface, fix-it strategies we would look for clues to uncover what was working well in his life. Finding the right clues would yield strategies that he could apply to his work life. &lt;a href="">

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