Holistic Health and The BioMat

  • Wed 14th Aug 2019 - 5:48am
    Negative ions also help our bodies to perform better. Unlimited AbundanceHave you ever noticed when you're up in the mountain air, or by the sea, there's an electricity in the air that revitalizes you? How about after a storm? Scientific studies have shown that these places and occurrences are naturally brimming with negative ions, whereas offices and crowded cities are nearly devoid of them all together. Our bodies are charged with negative and positive energy, and we generally react better to negatively charged ions. The BioMat produces negative ions, which keeps us feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The results of far infrared radiation and negative ions are better circulation, more oxygen, and an uplifted mood. While exercise and eating right are required for good holistic health, let's face it, if we're feeling depressed or anxious, sometimes exercising is simply out of the question. Stress can cause us to make bad eating decisions and opt for watching TV on the couch rather than going for a run. As a part of a holistic lifestyle, it's important to focus on your health as a whole, including your emotional and mental health. These two things are increased dramatically when you're getting enough oxygen and nutrients to the places that need it, and the BioMat can help achieve that.

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