Republic day speech in hindi

  • Sun 22nd Jan 2017 - 12:16pm
    Republic day speech for Teachers and Student, Childrens In Hindi English - Good Morning. Respected Principle, Manger and all my dear student. Today I m feeling so honor that today on republic day I get a chance to share some feelings about Republic day. Republic Day Speech In HindiRepublic Day Speech In Hindi Republic Day Essay In Hindi On Our Republic day we get our Constitution of India and seven fundamental right and which are 1 – Right to equality 2 – Right to Freedom 3 – Right against Exploitation 4 – Right to Freedom of Religion 5 – Cultural and Educational Right 6 – Right to constitutional Remedies 7 – Footnotes In Under Right of equality – This fundamental right means that we all are equal and no one is greater then you not lower and we all stand in same line. There is no other line or queue and we all are same under the Indian Law. If anyone is doing wrong work then he will be punish and it doesn’t matter that which person is he. Even if a prime minister doing a wrong work then he will also be punish by the Indian Constitution. Republic Day Speech For Teachers Republic Day Speech For Student In Under Right of Freedom – We have get all the freedom of speech and freedom of movement in this fundamental right. We are free to do any legal work or anything thing. We have the right to put our words. In Under Right of exploitation – In This fundamental right we get the right for buying and selling of human beings - Usually women, for immoral purposes. In Under Right of Freedom of Religion – In This, We get the opportunity to choose any religion. There is no compulsion of any religion to accept. In Under Cultural and Educational Right – We get the right to get educated and choose any culture. In Under Right to constitutional Remedies – When any of our right get violated then we can go to court for our right. And In Footnotes – is a character of right contained in part 3 In Constitution of India. And as a teacher, I want from all you that you tell our all right to everyone. So every one get to know their right. And In last happy Republic day to all of you.
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