Can We Trust Natural Remedies for Diabetes?

  • Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 10:56am
    Certain herbs and spices help to control yourBlood Sugar Ultra blood sugar levels. They also come in handy to help with some symptoms such as increased thirst and urination, tiredness and weight loss. Here are some examples:Cinnamon will help you feel full faster and slow down the production of blood sugar in your body. It doesn't affect the levels of insulin production.Banaba herbs are commonly used to help with weight loss and inhibit the production glucose in your liver. Banaba is one of the famous natural remedies for the patient suffering from diabetes. It is rich in corosolic acid. You can make a healthy tea from its loose leaf. Garlic is not only a spice that can make your food taste delicious. It will also help reduce your blood sugar levels and builds sensitivity to insulin. The person who has poor blood circulation can use garlic to normalize the blood circulation flow.Last but not least are hot beverages, especially those that have caffeine. We all know that caffeine increases your metabolism helping your pancreas produce more insulin in exchange. Coffee and green tea should be your drinks of choice at least a couple of times a day. Green tea, as opposed to regular black tea, increases the action of insulin in the body. It contains antioxidants, which combine with the insulin molecules to break down glucose quicker, meaning that your body needs less insulin. It can also help reduce the amount of glucose that becomes absorbed into your intestines, which lowers the top peak of blood sugar. It may sound like these natural remedies for diabetes make modern medicine redundant, but you must remember that a lot of the benefits of these remedies are anecdotal and have yet to be proven sufficiently for them to be made part of every diabetes plan. They may be worth trying, but consult with your doctor before adding any of them to your regular diet.

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