How can we unaffected from common cyber attacks?

  • Sat 13th Oct 2018 - 4:10pm
    Nowadays, we are facing a huge problem of phishing attacks, crypto jacking, and crypto mining as comparing from the last few years. The reason is directly linked to a high-rise in numbers of cyber hackers planting a malicious program in our computer systems. But we hardly care about these attacks until we don’t face it and this is the main reason to encourage cyber criminals to attack us.If we go with the data issued by McAfee in its McAfee Labs Threat Report then the malware samples have set an all-time high-record by touching 34% in the last one year. UPDATED SOFTWARE This is the most genuine reason for data stolen and exploitation. Older version software may not protect us from the latest advanced viruses, if you don’t have updated version you can download it from this link .That is why we must keep updating our antivirus after a certain period of time. The longer time we go with our older version the more chances we give to the cyber criminals and eventually they will exploit us and end up asking for the ransom in exchange. PHISHING ATTACKS Phishing attack is a trick in which we are asked to click on a malicious link or even download a file of the same. And we should know that phishing attacks come as a dependable source which we already know like our company and any other powerful organization. It is a very common strategy adopted by cyber attacks. We can be unaffected with our hyper activeness such as we can check our incoming email’s address. If we feel like we don’t know that person then simply avoid and don’t give any reply or we can contact him or her from our different email account or mobile phone. It is suggested that we must have an McAfee Activate antivirus. If we don’t have, then we have two options to do the same. Either download it from the McAfee official website or we can directly buy McAfee Retail Card from the shop.
  • Sat 13th Oct 2018 - 5:55pm
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