How to Train a Man

  • Tue 27th Feb 2018 - 6:59am
    Be genuinely interested in his interests. Finding The Penguin Method Review a common ground with this guy is a must. Loving trekking could make you partners in exploring new heights and sights. He'll surely enjoy your company if he finds out that you can embrace all the things or activities that he holds dear. Reveal some, conceal some. You can open up to your man but keep a little something that would make him baffled. Being mysterious will make him wonder what else he needs to discover about you. And this is something that all men look forward to do. Show confidence under any circumstance. Even if you're under pressure, don't buckle. Show that you always got what it takes to live up to people's expectation of you. Your guy would surely be interested in you if he sees that no amount of stress can put you down. Don't ever fail to flirt. Though you're already dating each other, that doesn't mean that you should stop courting and pleasing each other - in fact, you should work more now that you're together. Give him that adoring look still, he would love you for it! If you're one of the many women who seem to feel nervous at the very sight of the man of their dreams, then perhaps you might find solace in the fact that you could actually overcome that fear or anxiousness. You could show him that you're approachable. Showing him that you're easy to talk to would be a great advantage because he might even be the one who will approach you. There's no need to be nervous about any opening lines since he'll be the one to speak with you first.
  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 1:00pm
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