Ccopac is planning for a home for the shelterless, Donate money and make this dream come true

  • Mon 16th Jul 2018 - 6:16pm
    Providing shelter to the homeless is a thoughtful job of pride and full of grace. Volunteers at ccopac do this just for the blessings of the people. They don’t ask for any money for themselves and neither do we. We just have seen the future and want to bring that in front of our eyes. We have seen a future where there is no need for an NGO because there are no needy peoples. Grin rules every face and joy is mixed in the atmosphere. We are just a medium, it is you who earn the blessings and are the real worthy people to own the credits for the change. So to make the future real donate money at ccopac and help us open our hands to the needy people.

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